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Healthy Living

Many factors affect our health and well-being. Some you can't control, such as your gender, gens or age. But you can make changes to your lifestyle to achieve a better health. It is extremely hard or even impossible for some people to try to change everything at once. However, by taking small but consistent steps toward healthy living you can help yourself reduce the risk of various diseases.

For example, you can start from anything like maintaining a weight, or eating a variety of good foods and limiting processed ones, or quitting smoking, or even starting exercising regularly.

Do you know that it is estimated that tobacco causes about 8.8% of deaths worldwide? Overall physical inactivity was estimated to cause 1.9 million deaths.

According to recent studies, regular exercise, besides just making you more fit, restores the sensitivity of neurons involved in the control of satiety, which in turn contributes to reduced food intake and consequent weight loss. On the other hand, research shows that overeating may weaken the responsiveness of the pleasure receptors, which leads to even more overeating.

Healthy Eating

Scientific research increasingly confirms that what and how we eat has a significant impact on our health, quality of life, and longevity. Proper diet is important for the prevention of many chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. It depends on many factors such as your level of physical activity, occupation, heredity, geographical location or climate. Even some seemingly insignificant factors may play a very important role. For example, resent research has shown that higher intake of dairy calcium and vitamin D are related to greater weight loss.

In America today diets are typically too low in fruits and vegetables. According to the World Health Report, about 2.7 million (4.9%) deaths every year are attributed to malnutrition of fruits and vegetables.

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