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When it comes to food, we write mostly about the one that is beneficial to your health and the one that is neutral at best.

Examples of healthy food are: Strawberries that are one of nature’s best "packages" of nutrients, or banana - a unique fruit which perfectly satisfies hunger and supplies an organism with energy, tissue-building elements, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Then there are products that can be both beneficial and harmful. Like coffee, for some it is a healthy drink, and for the other it may bring serious problems. Also there is a question of coffee drinking during pregnancy, which causes many disagreements.

And finally the bad and "empty" food - the one that everyone really should avoid or seriously limit. Like foods with trans fats that have a very deleterious effect on heart and metabolism in general.


Fast Food of the World

Fast food can be prepared and served very quickly. Modern fast food is associated with global chains of restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and the like. And country wise, United States probably would be the first country you would think of if asked about fast food. However these restaurants are not the only sources of the food and it can be found, most likely, in every country in the world.

This series of post is not a scientific research and we don’t pretend to list every food in every country, but we were interested how does it look in different parts of the world.

Part I: Fast food in Europe
Part II: Asia and Australia
Part III: South and Central America plus Mexico

Health Paradoxes Around The World

A paradox is a fact that contradicts the paradigm. There are several interesting paradoxes specific to population in some countries (Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, etc). The most known and discussed is the “French paradox”.


Christmas Trees

And some off-topic posts that you might be interested to read.

If you would like to make an unusual Christmas tree, here is a collection of strange, creative and funny Christmas trees.

Why Do People Cheat?

Why people are willing to conduct themselves in the ways that could be very damaging to them and to their partners? Why do people cheat?