Remedies for Kidney Stones

Most small kidney stones do not require any medical treatments as there are many natural cures available. There are also simple diet and lifestyle changes you can make to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Lemon juice + Olive oil

Lemon juice combined with olive oil is a powerful remedy for kidney stones. Drink a mixture of 2 oz (60 ml) of lemon juice with 2 oz (60 ml) of olive oil and then a large glass of water. The stones should pass within 24 hours.

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Watermelon is one of the safest and most potent diuretics which can be used with beneficial results in kidney stones. It contains the highest concentration of water amongst all fruits. Watermelon is rich in potassium salts.


Celery is one of the home remedies for kidney stones. It is a beneficial for those who are prone to getting stones in the kidneys or gallbladder. Its regular intake prevents future stone formation.


Basil can help in dissolving the kidney stones. One teaspoon each of basil juice and honey should be taken daily for six months. Basil juice, taken regularly for six months, induces stone expulsion from the urinary tract.


Grapes are also very good remedy for kidney stones. Grapes flush out uric acid and prevent future stone formation in kidneys, bladder and gallbladder. Grapes have an exceptional diuretic value on account of their high contents of water and potassium salt. The value of this fruit in kidney troubles is enhanced by its low albumin and sodium chloride content.


Pomegranate is rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. There are many health benefits of pomegranate, the most important are the antioxidant properties. Pomegranate can also induce the body's power to pass out the stones in the urine naturally.

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Orange juice

A glass of orange juice a day may keep kidney stones at bay. Recent study has shown that a daily glass of orange juice may help prevent recurrent kidney stones better than other citrus juices like lemonade. Orange juice increases levels of citrate in the urine and decreases urine acidity, which reduces the risk of kidney stones.

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Take 2 medium size onions in 1 glass of water and cook over medium heat. When it cools down, blend in a blender. Strain and drink the juice for 3 days. You will start passing the stones from the second day.

Rosa canina (Dog Rose, Rosehip) roots

Take 2 table spoons of crushed rosehip roots and 1 glass of water. Mixx and boil for 15 min. Take 1/3 of glass for 1-2 weeks.

Apple juice

Apple diet promotes resolution of kidney stones. Drink every two hours 2 glasses (about 480 ml) of apple juice (from 8 AM to 8 PM) during 2 days. On the third day drink 2 glasses of juice in the morning and after 30 min drink 120 g of olive oil.

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