ThyroSoothe by Native Remedies is a herbal complex formulated for hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) to help soothe and normalize overactive thyroids.

ThyroSoothe helps:

  • Reduce the symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease
  • Calm, soothe and normalize overactive thyroids
  • Prevent overproduction of T4 and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) hormones

ThyroSoothe Ingredients: Review of Scientific Evidence

HealthAssist has found scientific studies confirming the effectiveness of herbal components in ThyroSoothe. Take a look and make you own decision if this product for overactive thyroids worth a try.

  • 1. Lycopus europaeus (Gypsywort, Bugleweed)
    Bugleweed is used in the treatment of mild forms of hyperthyroidism and related disorders such as Basedow's disease (2). Bugleweed helps to control of vegetative and irritative symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

    In the animal studies extracts of Lycopus europaeus reduced the weight of the thyroid, decreased thyroid hormone activity, and increased absorption and storage of iodine (1, 3).
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  • 2. Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm)
    Lemon balm is used to mildly reduce thyroid hormone levels and symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism and to help normalize an overactive thyroid.
    Lemon balm has shown to block the action of thyroid-stimulating antibodies (1, 2).
    • 1. Auf'mkolk M, Ingbar JC, Amir SM, Winterhoff H, Sourgens H, Hesch RD, Ingbar SH. Inhibition by certain plant extracts of the binding and adenylate cyclase stimulatory effect of bovine thyrotropin in human thyroid membranes. Endocrinology. 1984 Aug;115(2):527-34. PubMed
    • 2. Santini F, Vitti P, Ceccarini G, Mammoli C, Rosellini V, Pelosini C, Marsili A, Tonacchera M, Agretti P, Santoni T, Chiovato L, Pinchera A. In vitro assay of thyroid disruptors affecting TSH-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity. J Endocrinol Invest. 2003 Oct;26(10):950-5. PubMed
  • 3. Leonurus cardica (Motherwort)
    One of the most disturbing symptoms of high thyroid is rapid or irregular heartbeat. Motherwort has been used for centuries as a remedy for tachyarrhythmia and heart tonic. Research has shown that motherwort can reduce symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as palpitations, tachycardia and irregular heartbeats.

    German Commission E (the official German herbal pharmacopaea) has authorized the use of motherwort as part of an overall treatment plan for an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) (2).
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