Tools and Food Lists

Nutrition Facts - This tool allows you to see nutrition facts on the food you eat. You may see how much calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, cholesterol, caffeine, vitamins, or minerals is contained within your food. More than 7000 foods in the database.

Calorie Burn Calculator - This calculator will tell you how long it will take for you to burn calories you have consumed. Besides many different sports activites, it will show you the usual occupational, home and daily life, indoor and outdoor activities like driving the car, working on the computer or playing with kids.

Lowest Calorie Foods - Pictures of many low calorie foods. By "low calorie foods" we mean the food that, when raw, has from zero and up to 99 kcal per 100g edible portion.

Food Lists by Selected Nutrient - Find out nutrient content of your food. Our new tool that is more convenient end easy to use than the old precompiled lists we used to show before. You can create a list of food containing nutrients of yor choice and sort it the way you prefer.

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